Anubis Mounts

Hanging scroll, measuring 1.5 ft. by 3 ft.
Solvent Ink on Scrim Vinyl.

Giclee printing is the same process galleries use for fine art reproductions. It uses archival, museum-quality inks that will maintain their colors up to 25 years if you avoid direct sunlight.


Anubis was originally the Egyptian God of the Dead before Osiris assumed that role. Afterwhich he became a lesser funerary deity chiefly in charge of mummification and guiding souls to the underworld. It is believed that his canine form derived from the Egyptian observation that dogs and jackals haunt the edges of the desert where the dead were buried.

The most famous artifact of Anubis depicts him in his jackal form lying on a coffin with his tail falling off one end. It was the inspiration for this piece. The girl is based on a wall painting of an ancient Egyptian dancer.