Lucky Pussy

Hanging scroll, measuring 1.5 ft. by 3 ft.
Solvent Ink on Scrim Vinyl.

Giclee printing is the same process galleries use for fine art reproductions. It uses archival, museum-quality inks that will maintain their colors up to 25 years if you avoid direct sunlight.


A Maneki Neko is a charm thought to bring luck and fortune. It is in the shape of a cat with a raised paw in the Japanese beckoning gesture. Today, its image can be found everywhere from candy wrappers to television ads. Its origin is clouded in myths and legends. Its popularity began in 1872, when the Meiji government, adopting Western morals and values, banned the sale and display of phalluses used as objects of worship in the entertainment houses of the Yuukaku, amusement districts for men. The Maneki Neko took the place of the phalluses. During that era, prostitutes were associated with cats and so the brothels began displaying the Maneki Neko also.

Japanese Cute, kawaii, is a phenomenon that affects a subset of Japanese girls in their late teens and early twenties. You can call it a kind of age play. An infantilization of their dress and behavior that is part fashion, part rebellion, part social commentary, part celebration of consumerism, part Lolita complex. From the comet rise and fall of idol singers (Idoru) to the Hello Kitty vibrator, a facade of innocence wrapped around blossoming sexuality make for a heady mixture.

Lucky Pussy combines cuteness and charm to bring prosperity to your favorite playspace. After all, BDSM can't be just about leather and darkness. Sometimes there is laughter and something pink.