Spanking Buddha

Hanging scroll, measuring 1.5 ft. by 3 ft.
Solvent Ink on Scrim Vinyl.

Giclee printing is the same process galleries use for fine art reproductions. It uses archival, museum-quality inks that will maintain their colors up to 25 years if you avoid direct sunlight.


What do BDSM and Bhuddhism have in common? A journey of self recognition and discovery. An inward journey that can be deeply spiritual. Though the means may be diametrically opposed – Bhuddism through the absence of worldly desire, BDSM through sensual experiences – the end is more similar than different. We all seek the divine that is within us; to touch that which is beyond our day-to-day existence; to achieve a sublime state of mind that encompasses the Four Immeasurables of Love/Kindness, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity.

This image is inspired by the Sukhotai-style buddhas of Thailand whose elongated and effeminate lines are among the most elegant in buddhist art. The hand positions are two which are not normally found together. The right hand over the knee pointing downward (bhumisparsa mudra), symbolizes the buddha's renunciation of worldly desires. The open left hand (abhaya mudra), represents an absence of fear.

But do not dwell too hard on the meanings of this image. It is as it is. Simply experience it with your own eyes, heart and desires.